What Makes Me Different?

Solutions, not sales.

Chris Akers Photo I am a different kind of insurance agent. I am not trying to sell you something. Rather, I only want to help you find solutions to your concerns and improve your quality of life and that of your descendants. Here are some of the things about me that set me apart:

Expert Insurance Agent

I have been in the insurance world since 2007 and carefully built my expertise by working with several brokerages before branching out into the independent side. I have found great fulfillment as an independent agent, as it allows me to truly work in my clients’ best interests.

Independent Insurance Broker

As an independent broker, I am able to provide a far higher level of personalized customer service and customized insurance solutions than you would receive from a standard 1-800 insurance representative. I use my personal relationships with the insurance companies to secure you the best rates for the policies that fit you best. Having an independent agent on your side means you have a friend in the insurance business who can help navigate its often murky waters.

Quality Service

I make sure every client knows that their concerns matter to me. I treat every client on an individual basis and make an effort to get to know them so I can best assess their needs.

Knowledgeable Insurance Services

I am a wealth of knowledge about the rules and regulations of Medicare, and my grasp of life insurance and other types of policies is equally strong. You want me on your side to help you understand the world of insurance.

Very Professional

I am not a salesperson. I tried that in the past, and it did not suit me. When I talk to you about insurance, I genuinely want to help you. I aim to provide solutions, not to simply make sales.

Attention to Detail

With a commitment to providing the best possible insurance experience, I am committed to ensuring every detail of my work is performed accurately. I know your time and money are valuable, and I want to earn your trust as someone who knows what I am doing.

Appointment Flexibility

You have a busy life, and I understand that. I am a member of the Knoxville community and strive to create an environment of availability. Your comfort and convenience are my priority.

Fully Licensed & Insured

I want you to feel secure in choosing me as your insurance agent. I have gone through the proper steps to ensure that my clients feel fully protected when working with me.

Why You Need an Agent

Choosing an insurance agent is an important decision. They will be your guide as you plan for your future and ensure protection for your family. The right agent can make all the difference in making the process of insuring your life smooth and stress-free. As an independent agent, I am able to shop the insurance market for you to select the best policies and rates for your needs. I am a friend you can count on in your time of need, and you will know I have your best interests at heart.