Did you know that some Medicare decisions you make may not be reversible if you make the wrong choice?

Get professional Medicare assistance in the Greater Knoxville area to make sure you make the best choices for your situation and needs.

When it comes time to choose a Medicare plan, there are many factors to consider and many options available. We are an independent insurance agency that offers assistance in navigating the complex world of Medicare. Before you enroll, it’s extremely important to understand the differences between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Medicare prescription drug plans, etc. If you are a senior in the Knox County, TN area and need help selecting Medicare coverage, contact The Akers Solution and discuss your situation with a knowledgeable insurance professional.

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Medicare help for seniors in the Greater Knoxville, TN area

The Akers Solution wants to make sure you are happy with your plan!

If you are receiving retirement benefits before age 65, or you qualify for Medicare through disability, you are typically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B automatically when you become eligible.

  • Medicare Part A is a federal government insurance plan that you will be enrolled in at no cost to you. It is designed to help pay for overnight hospital stays
  • Medicare Part B is designed to help you pay for things like doctor visits and outpatient care. It isn’t free, but the premiums are pulled automatically from your monthly Social Security check, so you don’t have to worry about making the payment.

Medicare Part B Assistance

Medicare Part B has unique benefits, but Part C is also an option if you require extended coverage. If you are unsure whether Medicare Part B or Part C is the best fit for your comprehensive coverage, Chris Akers can provide assistance. His Medicare expertise is unrivaled in the Knox County, TN area.