Get the best Whole Life Insurance for your needs and goals

Whole life insurance, also called “straight life” or “ordinary” life provides coverage for your entire lifetime. Whole life policies include a cash value component that grows tax-deferred, can be accessed during your lifetime, and will help your family deal with expenses and loss of income when you die. If you are unsure whether a whole life or term life insurance policy will align with your goals, you should consult with a professional. We can help you navigate your options and choose affordable coverage that meets your unique needs.

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What type of whole life policy do you need?

There are various types of permanent life insurance policies available. The Akers Solution offers:

Whole Life:
Policies that feature fixed premiums and death benefit with funds that can be withdrawn or loaned out. The rate of return is guaranteed.
Universal Life:
A type of policy that offers flexibility in the premium payments, death benefits, and savings element.
Child’s Whole Life:
The advantages to getting permanent life insurance coverage for a child include locking in a low rate that will never increase, guaranteeing coverage for life regardless of future health issues, and building a cash value that grows overtime.
Guaranteed Issue Life:
You can get a Guaranteed Issue or Guaranteed Acceptance life policy regardless of your age or health condition and it will provide a cash payout for your beneficiaries.
Senior Pre-Need Insurance:
These policies cover the costs of your funeral, which can be expensive for your loved ones. With most pre-need policies, the beneficiary is the funeral home rather than a family member.

Should you choose whole or term life insurance?

Get the guidance you need to make the right decision for your life insurance coverage; contact The Akers Solution today. We assist clients in the Greater Knoxville, TN area.