Get help with your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in the Greater Knoxville, TN area

Medicare Part D plans (also called Medicare Prescription Drug Plans or PDPs) add prescription drug coverage to your existing insurance plan. It may be added to Original Medicare, some Medicare Cost Plans, Medicare PFFS Plans, and Medicare MSA plans, though it may not be added to a Medicare Advantage plan that already covers drugs. Additional Medicare Supplement insurance (also called Medigap) covers expenses such as copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and medical care you receive while traveling outside of the country. If you need help assessing your needs and selecting Medicare Prescription or Medicare Supplement coverage, contact us.

Doctor writing a prescription

What type of coverage will help with prescriptions?

Prescription drugs can cost a fortune, so it’s essential to have coverage that suits your needs. Enrolling in a Part D plan can affect the coverage you already have, so it’s best you speak with an experienced agent to determine which route will save you the most money and get you the best level of care.

Each Medicare Prescription Drug Plan provides a list of drugs that it covers. The list is called a formulary and the drugs are organized into tiers; you can typically expect to pay more for a drug listed in a higher tier, though it is possible for you or your prescriber to ask your plan for an exception in some instances.

Medicare supplement help

Do you need assistance navigating added coverage options like Medigap and Medicare Prescription plans? Get the guidance you need to make the right decision; contact Chris Akers and discuss your unique situation today.