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The Best Coverage

Being an independent insurance broker gives you access to coverage options from over 50 insurance providers. This way, we can find the best carrier with the best coverage to meet your unique needs.

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The Best Rates

With access to more providers, the Akers Solution can make sure you get the best possible coverage you need at the best possible rates.

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The Best Service

It's one thing to get insurance coverage, and it's another to have an experienced agent who is local so you can call or meet easily when issues arise. The agents at The Akers Solution are available and happy to help whether you have a question or need to deal with a situation.

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When I turned 65, I knew I didn't want to call anyone from TV. I wanted to deal with a local individual. Mr. Akers immediately made me feel at ease. Chris was very informative and took the time to explain the different policies. He was professional, reviewed several options, and asked questions to find the best plan for me.


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Need a quote now? Skip the call, select the insurance you need, and write your own policy online.

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Don’t be stuck with “One Size Fits All” coverage that doesn’t fit your needs.

When it comes to insurance, we know that you want to make sure you have the right coverage that fits your situation AND your budget. 

The problem is, most insurance agencies don’t take the time to actually listen to YOU before selling you a policy. 

At The Akers Solution, we believe you deserve the best coverage that meets your needs and your budget delivered by an agent who really cares about finding the best insurance solution for you.

We know what it feels like when an agent is just selling a policy versus an agent who cares and listens. 

That’s why, for over the past 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of people in Eastern Tennessee find the right coverage for them, and we can do the same for you.

Getting the coverage you need is simple. Give us a call, we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your situation and review all your custom options together, so you can choose the policy that's right for you.

As we say, life is too short for you to spend time dealing with insurance issues. So give us a call today. 

You’ll be relieved by how simple the process is.

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Christopher Akers did a wonderful job working with me and finding the best insurance policy to suit my needs AND my budget! He asked me questions to find out my needs and then searched and compared policies until he found the perfect plan! He made it so easy and I didn’t have to stress about anything. There was no pressure from him but a lot of communication! (which let me know that he cared about me) And he was loyal in protecting what was in my best interest! Thank you, Christopher Akers, and the Akers Solution! I appreciate your diligence and I have peace of mind now that I am insured!


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Nobody likes to think about their insurance until they need it most.

We get it, insurance isn’t something most people like to spend time thinking about, and it can be tempting to search for the cheapest, quickest option (or avoid it altogether).

Your “good deal” on your insurance could leave you with an 800 number and a call center halfway across the world to deal with claims, billing, and customer service. Maybe you want to make sure you make the right choices for Medicare, but you don't have someone you can trust to provide you with accurate answers. If your home value has gone up, how can you be sure that your property insurance will actually cover the value of your home if something happens to it? Or your agent only gave you one or two options for your insurance, and you question whether the policy you purchased was really the best choice.

You deserve better.

We can help. That's why The Akers Solution is here.

Don’t wait one more day to get the coverage you need and the service you deserve.

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